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Xiamen Yuanchenmei Industry & Trade CO., LTD  founded in 2013, is a professional manufacturer which specializes in the development, design, manufacture and sale of all kinds of sanitary fittings.such as Toilet tank fittings,toilet seat covers,Brass and plastic faucets,ABS & SS Bidets,Shower products and other bathroom products..

Since the found of the company, it devotes itself to exploring and researching on the technology of water-saving products; returning customers with high-quality and water-saving products and perfect service.

On the basis of quality, our company locates our products with "personality space and noble embodiment", and designs products with fashionable and noble ideas to meet the needs of consumers.At the same time, training a responsive, powerful sales and service network team, at home and abroad have a high reputation and reputation, make the brand become a nationally renowned brand!

Why Choose

Source you bathroom hardware from us and you will be assured of products that meet the strict plumbing requirements of the US and Canada .Approved by the American Society of Sanitary Engineers, Canadian Standards Association and Universal Plumbing Codes (UPC), our fittings are ready for sale in your market, too .We are ISO9001:2008-certified. All finished products are inspected piece by piece, to ensure quality. And as added value for you, our products are guaranteed for 1 year. Lets be one part of your business development, Inquire today.

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Production Line

Xiamen Yuanchenmei Industry & Trade CO., Ltd. is founded in 2014, is a commitment to high-end bathroom accessory development, production and sales of the enterprise, the predecessor of mould factory was founded in 2002, mainly engaged in rubber, plastic mold production, research and development work; In 2005 to increase the injection molding department, the company produce and process of injection molds and all kinds of plastic and rubber products; In 2012 set up rubber and plastic company, specializing in rubber and silica gel product production and sales, mainly for the bathroom,home appliances,electronics, electrical appliances, sanitaryware, automotive, medical and other industries to provide high-quality rubber and seal products; With the business development and in order to adapt to the professional market demand, set up Xiamen MuRuJia Trade Co., Ltd. in 2014, and specilized in R & D, production and sales of various high-end bathroom accessories, mainly pan connectors, shifter connectors, soil pipes and gasket rings, flappers, push buttons,and tank levers, mounting gaskets, kits and other sanitary plastic, rubber, hardware fittings.

The company has always been committed to research and development, innovation, product quality and service, and take them as the foundation of development, Continued development new products to meet different market needs, Providing professional high-quality service for the customer.

On the basis of quality, our company designs its products in the style of "individuality, space and dignity", and meets the needs of consumers with the concept of fashion and dignity. At the same time, Having trained a responsive, powerful saling and service team and having a higher reputation at home and aboard, so that the brand has become a well-known brand throughout the country!

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